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Story marketing using customer case studies is the perfect way to showcase your wares to clients.  If you excel in your work, let the world (and your prospective clients) know about it!

Show, plus tell

A business case study is a powerful weapon in your marketing armoury.  By demonstrating a concrete outcome to your work in a gripping visual showcase, potential clients can relate to the benefits of your product on an emotional level.  The goal of case study writing is to excite and stimulate an audience through sparkling words and vivid imagery that capture and validate your business.

A simple, short testimonial can be effective, but the difference between this and a fully blown case study can be summarised in two words: story marketing.

Go on, give us a story…

Consumers in New Zealand love storytelling:  it’s the reason so much time and money is invested in content marketing each year.  Joe and Joanne Bloggs are weary of traditional sales tactics.  The modern consumer is far less likely to tolerate or respond to direct approaches and unimaginative campaigns than their counterparts of 30 or 40 years ago.

Case study marketing sells your product or service in the form of a narrative: there’s a customer, there’s you or your business, and there’s the tale of what wonders you or your product performed to bring about a happy ending.  It feels real and tangible, unlike the identikit TV or Radio spots.  Using multiple customer case studies to supplement your primary marketing content is the smart choice, as they are grounded in reality, increase customer engagement and add to your credibility.

Avoid the hard-sell with business case studies – let your work speak for itself!

Get in touch with us and talk us through your successes, providing us access to any images, video or audio content you intend to use to tell your tale of triumph, and we’ll get our groove going to conjure up the magic prose needed to complement your media and enthral your audience, without making it sound offensively ‘salesy’.

Short of ideas or inspiration?  Not to worry.  Buzzwords are able to leverage our experience and insight with case study writing to coax the juicy details of your commercial exploits from our more bashful clients and capture what’s needed.  We’re just a phone call, email or skype chat away.

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