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Email Copywriting Services

Given the ubiquitous presence and sky-high popularity of social media as marketing and brand awareness platforms, you’d be forgiven if you thought email outreach marketing was already a relic of yesteryear.  The truth is quite the contrary.

It’s not that maintaining a social media presence isn’t a crucial facet of a robust marketing strategy: it undoubtedly is.  But when it comes down to pure sales conversion, direct email marketing in the form of regular newsletters still SERIOUSLY outperforms returns on social media investment.

The sensible approach is not to think of the two as mutually exclusive.  Implemented correctly, an email newsletter service and social media presence are separate but complementary components of an overarching marketing strategy.  Email outreach is likely to maintain higher sales conversion figures, whilst social media performs your brand storytelling, enhances your reputation in the marketplace and keeps your business at the forefront of your target audience‘s consciousness.

Email marketing can be as simple as distributing your latest blog content in email format.  We highly endorse this method as a great way to get your valuable content in front of more sets of eyes.

However, the true art of ‘soft selling’ via email is realised through a regular, dedicated email newsletter service, packed with informative content that has been specifically tailored to your target audience.  The secret is in ensuring your recipients actually look forward to the next issue of your newsletter, rather than seeing it as unsolicited spam.

A typical newsletter, crafted by our experienced email copywriters, will strike the right balance between advertising your products and services, as well as providing interesting topics and building relationships and trust.  Examples of typical email newsletter content include:

  • Hints and tips
  • Industry insight
  • Special offers
  • Links to your interesting blog content
  • Links to interesting syndicated content from elsewhere (not competitors)

Sounds great… but challenging, right?

Luckily, you can leave almost everything to us.  We will put in the hard yards to explore relevant topics and then write dazzling email newsletter copy to suit your requirements.  If you have specific ideas as to the type of subject matter and value you wish to provide your subscribers, great!  It makes our job all the easier!  You can be as involved in the direction of your email newsletter content as you wish, or leave it to us to provide a thorough professional service including comprehensive research and first-rate email copywriting that represents your business values and authentic voice.

Remember, avoiding horrible marketing spiel is the foundation upon which Buzzwords is built.  It’s what gives us our competitive edge.

If eloquent, nonsense free marketing is important to your organisation, contact us now to get started.

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