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Press Release Writing

Press Release Writing

Social media is the new PR, sure. Here at Buzzwords, we’re positively evangelical about the need to go social. But don’t overlook the potential traction that can be gained by utilising the other kind of PR: the good ol’ fashioned press release.

A press release is a standardised news piece, written to conform to specific parameters, usually issued by a business or charitable trust to local and / or national news media outlets, hot on the heels of a newsworthy event, achievement or success.

Investing in a professionally written press release is an extremely effective, tried-and-tested way to increase your visibility and profile, particularly to the non tech-savvy or older demographics who typically eschew the modern fixation with all things social media.

There’s still a sizeable amount of faith placed in traditional journalism, especially by the ‘luddites’ in our midst who have not become entrenched in the use of the internet to inform or validate their retail choices.

Real world example

Let’s suppose that your business is in the carpet-cleaning profession, operating in an area predominantly populated by senior citizens, such as Kapiti.

By comparison to an organisation selling IT equipment, a far greater percentage of new custom is likely to come through more traditional advertising, such as flyers, newspaper classifieds and word-of-mouth, with only the latter coming truly free, both in terms of monetary expense and perceived scepticism.

A commendation from a trusted friend is gold dust to your target audience, who will place value on independent recommendation over a sales pitch every time, and a gold mine for you, especially where your zealot is particularly well connected and an ardent advocate of your business.

But building a network of powerfully connected ‘mavens’ (enthusiastic supporters who will go forth and preach the good word about your business) takes time, which is why a press release picked up by a local newspaper, whether it focuses on the charitable work you or your employees have been actively involved in or champions your friendliness, thoroughness and value-for-money, can be worth its weight in gold.

A Buzzwords written press release can cultivate a feel good factor around your brand name by commending your business in a format that will be picked up as a news story and printed in respected publications (as opposed to the less trusted ‘classified’ sections).  This small but powerful differentiation can instigate a wide and long lasting ‘ripple effect’ of positive endorsement, leading to an increase in exposure and sales.

Of course, our press release service is not limited to print media.  Buzzwords can also handle syndication of your press release through various online space and any social media channels you might maintain, to ensure maximum exposure and the best of both worlds (on and offline).

If your business model is heavily dependent upon popularising your brand name and image, it’s imperative that you cover ALL bases with your marketing strategy, even where the primary focus is social media.  Don’t forget, many newspapers (including local rags) have an online presence too, often free to access.  Having your press release picked up and quoted via online news repositories can only benefit your SEO efforts and drive more traffic to your website.

Here’s the maths:-

Greater presence = greater interest = greater profit

A press release is an economical and oft-overlooked niche marketing technique that can open up new and different avenues of interest and sales.  Email Buzzwords now, with some details of the interesting things you’ve been up to, to begin the process of developing a quality press release for your organisation.

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