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Web Copy Rewrite / Optimisation

Rewriting Websites

Website need a makeover?

Already got the perfect website copy?  Of course not!  Some might get close to flawlessness, at least for a moment in time, but even the most impeccable words can date and lose their resonance.

An increasingly common and dangerous pitfall for New Zealand businesses is to treat the company website as “finished” or “complete”.  To truly fulfil its potential and continue to thrive, your website should be an ever changing, evolving beast, much like the business itself.

Blogging is Just the Beginning

Establishing an active, stimulating blog as part of your site can work wonders for validating your credentials, sustaining your reputation, and as part of an overall SEO policy, but shouldn’t comprise the entirety of your ongoing web marketing strategy.

Over time, a static website that isn’t refreshed or maintained, will begin to noticeably age, and nowhere is this more apparent than through your web copy.  So where do you begin when it comes to rewriting your website?

SEO Considerations

In many instances, a client’s existing web copy, whilst well written, hasn’t been created with SEO foremost in mind.  Often, a business may not even realise that their site is poorly optimised for search engine results and can be astonished at the impact a professional SEO writing service will have, both in terms of raising the company profile and increased sales conversion.

Consider this: your website is your prime piece of marketing real estate.  It’s not unusual for thousands of dollars to be spent on the initial design and inception phase, not to mention the ongoing costs of running a website such as domain renewal and web hosting.

Yet thousands of New Zealand businesses are failing to capitalise on their flagship marketing space by neglecting to target specific audiences through quite simple SEO techniques such as keyword optimisation.

Fortunately, you’re already in the right place to find quality, professional SEO writing.

Buzzwords: Practicing what we Preach

Convinced yet?  Let’s make the issue more personal.  The very text site you’re currently reading constitutes part of a complete refresh of Buzzwords branding, design and web copy as of early 2015.  We practice what we preach, and review our website biennially, based on a combination of feedback from customers, changes within the industry and reviews of our business goals.  Rewriting websites is what we do, so it stands to reason that we would keep our own in fine fettle.

The extent to which your own website may require an overhaul depends on several interlinked factors including:

  • Length of time since last refresh
  • Quality and relevance of the original design and copy
  • Extent to which your company products and services have altered
  • The pace with which your industry has developed

Free Web Copy Quality Review

At Buzzwords, we can provide a systematic appraisal of your current website free of charge.  What’s more, you can rest assured that any assessment undertaken will be entirely ethical in approach.  Unlike less scrupulous businesses, we will only ever give an honest and fair evaluation, and will often recommend holding off from a full website makeover and revisiting the process again in 6 to 12 months, especially for sites deemed to be in the uppermost percentile for effectiveness, clarity and consistency with a client’s short to mid-term goals.

Your website is the jewel in the crown of your marketing showcase, so take the time to make sure it continues to shine brightly.  Get in touch now for a free assessment of your existing site.

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