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Up front, no nonsense pricing

Besides our flair for exceptional copywriting and content creation, one thing we’re rather proud of at Buzzwords HQ is our transparency.  It’s a logical extension of our BS-free ethos.

We’re fed up of websites that dance around the subject of copywriter fees with wishy washy language, only to ultimately ask customers to get in touch for a quote, and we suspect we’re not alone in this frustration.

Instead, we choose to state our freelance copywriting rates up front to give potential clients a fair idea of approximate cost implications to their project ahead of contacting us to discuss specific requirements and for a firm quotation.

Copywriting Fees in a Nutshell

Standard copywriting hourly rate for most standalone projects: $115*

Bulk hours, which are special discounted hourly rate: $105*

Monthly Retainer contracts, special discounted hourly rate: $95*

*Prices exclude GST

By simplifying our pricing structure, as well as communicating reasonable estimates and timeframes from the outset, the possibility of unwelcome surprises is minimised, and our clients can benefit from a degree of financial certainty, in addition to receiving high-end professional services at extremely competitive rates.

Honesty is the best policy – when there is money in it.

Mark Twain

How long is a piece of string?

Whilst we’re being frank, we’ll confess that it’s practically impossible to provide complete accuracy in predicting exactly how many hours each piece of work or project will take, as there are so many variables to consider.

Factors that affect the efficiency with which we can turnaround work include:

  • Clarity of scope.  Buzzwords skilled copy writers are able to leverage their experience to ask the right questions and eek out the minutiae needed to form a thorough project scope, though there are occasions where clients really don’t know what it is they’re looking for.  We’re able to help and propose different approaches with a view to formalising requirements, although it should be understood that time spent strategising is also billable.
  • Research required.  It almost goes without saying that if your business is in a particularly complex field (eg, rocket science) we’re going to need more guidance from the client than if we were writing about rugby.  Speedy responses to any emails or messages we leave seeking clarification or asking pertinent questions will be crucial in ensuring prompt completion of work.  Clients availing themselves of our exceptional blog writing service should expect to be billed for a degree of research time, dependent upon the core content subject, in addition to the time taken to complete the copy.  This is something which Buzzwords will always clarify on a case-by-case basis prior to undertaking any work.
  • Editing.  With new clients, we will always email through a draft introductory paragraph or two before proceeding with a piece of web copy or blog content, to ensure we’ve understood the remit and tone needed, as well as reaffirming that the customer is happy to proceed based on that mutual understanding.  Following submission of a finished piece of work, clients have the opportunity to request minor reworks and edits as deemed necessary, which Buzzwords are usually able to turnaround swiftly and at no cost (within reason).  On those rare occasions where ‘the goalposts have shifted’, which is generally down to a change of heart or realignment of expectations within the clients management structure, major editing and rewriting work will incur further charges.
  • SEO preparation.  Keyword research for clients whose requirements include optimising their website search engine result pages (SERP) takes time and effort.  It’s usually advisable to leave this step to us, if you’re unsure of your explicit needs, although for clients on a budget, Buzzwords are more than happy to take your proposed keyword data and run with it.
  • Length of copy requested.  Clearly, the lengthier the piece, the more time it will take to complete the work.  Complete web copy for a single page usually amounts to around the 400-800 word mark but can exceed 1000 words.  Again, this is a requirement we capture early in discussions and incorporate into the estimates we provide.
  • Social Media management.  Our great value social media management packages differ somewhat in structure and pricing, given the often bespoke nature of the work.  Costs vary depending on the services chosen (fully managed blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc) and whether you wish to retain our writer to actively monitor and continually engage with feedback across those social media platforms used.  See our social media management page for more details.
  • Larger projects.  Case Studies, newsletters, articles, video scripting and LinkedIn pages will usually take a little longer to complete.  Minimising costs for these projects is equally dependent on accurately capturing requirements as early as possible, allowing us to get our big fat writing groove on, whilst you concentrate on the day job.

Priority is always afforded to clients with retainer contracts or pre-paid bulk hours.  We will generally only except certain projects (eg, newsletters, blogging services) on a longer-term basis, unless by prior arrangement, as it is important that our writer has a thorough working knowledge and ongoing relationship with your business in order to provide best value.

Other important information on how we work

For new clients, an invoice will be generated based on 50% of the projected estimate, which will need to be paid prior to commencement of work.

The remaining balance is then billed upon completion, following sign-off by the client (payable within 10 working days).

Bulk hours are available in 20 hour blocks at the discounted rate, are payable in advance and must be used within a calendar year of purchase.

Retainer contracts are for a minimum of 5 hours per calendar month, to qualify for the discounted rate.   These contracts are billed in advance and are non refundable in the event that services are not undertaken.  Remember, priority is given to clients who take out retainers, so this is the best way to ensure you can keep Buzzwords professional copywriting services ‘on tap’ for when you need it, at the most affordable hourly rate.

Wow!  That’s so informative, up front and honest!  Buzzwords sounds like the copywriter of choice for me!  What’s next?

Gosh, that’s awfully flattering.

If you like our up-front, no BS approach and want to discuss how we can help you with your copy or social media management, connect with us now.  Let’s get specific!

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