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Social Media: Curation & Syndication Services

As optional add-ons to our social media management service, Buzzwords also offer some premium extras to clients wishing to get even more from their social network presence.

Bespoke Content Curation Services

Let’s assume for a moment that your business is a competitive but wholly unglamorous one, such as plumbing.

Most New Zealand towns are likely to have more than one plumber, and you recognise the need to push your brand name to the top of the pile.  You’re also switched on enough to know that social media is a powerful and cost effective 21st century tool to utilise as part of a solution to the problem.

But what is there really to say about what you do?  Will people want to read tales of wading through drains and still come back for more?  You certainly wouldn’t be the sole voice out there asking:

“How on earth can I attract social media interest in my necessary but uninspiring business?”

This is where our content curation services can benefit you.  Buzzwords social media marketing consultants are proficient at working with clients collaboratively to devise a social media strategy that will take advantage of appropriate third party content to:

  • Enhance your brand name
  • Build followers
  • Increase the volume of backlinks to your site
  • Achieve better search engine placement
  • Be consistent with your organisation’s tone and values

When it comes to social media, it’s advisable to manage your content output according to the 80/20 golden rule.  An absolute maximum of 20% of your content can be overtly self promotional, with the remaining bulk consisting of helpful or useful information, industry insight, or indeed anything your audience are likely to find interesting or informative.

We are able to source topical news, as well as thought provoking articles and editorials on the latest developments in and around your industry, in addition to sharing material pertaining to extra-curricular and community based initiatives your business is involved with or support.  For an additional premium we will not only curate content and share to your followers, but also continuously engage with the social media discussions that invariably spark from worthwhile and interesting subject matter.

By employing a softly-softly approach, your social network followers will be far more amenable to the occasional (max 20%) content that more directly promotes your business and its products or services, such as product feature information, employee profiles and client case studies.  This makes perfect sense.  Would you continue to follow a page that utilised incessant, hard-sell tactics?

Returning to our friend the hypothetical plumber, a common and often highly effective strategy (and one which Buzzwords might advocate for the more ‘dry’ or ‘unsexy’ business) is to share genuinely clever or amusing viral content that your consumers will likely appreciate and enjoy.

This isn’t to encourage or condone the practice of mass spamming any and all viral videos and images: far from it.  Moderation and quality control are key.  Buzzwords content curation specialists pitch only the best and most appropriate viral content, consistent with our client’s needs and preferences, whilst mindful not to over saturate followers news feeds.

Content Syndication Services – Generating Buzz

It may come as news to some but syndication needn’t necessarily be limited to distributing RSS feeds of your content.

Certainly, providing an RSS or newsfeed for your corporate or business blog is essential and undoubtedly the overriding method through which your content will gain added exposure.  But before this is feasible, steps must be taken to guarantee your material arrives in front of enough sets of eyes.  In order to know your RSS feeds even exist, let alone subscribe to them, your audience will likely need to be enticed to your site in the first place.  To realise this, a broader, more holistic adoption of content syndication is necessary.

Content syndication is arguably the single most critical element of content marketing.  What’s the point in having really great content (whether self generated or penned by social media marketing consultants) if it simply isn’t being seen?  The only true way to ensure your hard work starts to reap its rewards is to take steps, ideally from the outset, to pursue an aggressive content syndication schedule and build subscription to your RSS feeds.  Fortunately, this is where we come in.

Our content syndication services have been developed through a process-driven approach.  We distribute and market your interesting and insightful work through a range of other online platforms and channels, with a view to enticing your audience back to your own website, blog or other managed online real estate, to secure subscription.

Initial outlets for syndication of blogs, white papers, news articles and more, include the usual social media ‘big boys’ (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) and come by default as part of our social media management service.  Optionally, Buzzwords are able to provide an additional level of management and interaction in these spaces, to drive the online conversations that grow from your content syndication.

In addition to the customary social networks, clients who upgrade to our premium content syndication service can benefit from the additional leverage of our experience and contacts, as we further syndicate your content through appropriate guest blogging channels, news aggregators, article repositories and via social bookmarking tools.

Remember that by utilising the Buzzwords content syndication solution to secure subscribers, you not only recruit a body of potential clients who have actually chosen to keep tabs on your business and its content, but also nurture a growing network of backlinks to your website.

Don’t let quality content go unseen.  Trust Buzzwords to ensure you get maximum results from your online presence through our content syndication add-on service.


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