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Ok, so you recognise the need to develop your social media presence but lack the technical know-how or the gift of the gab.  Perhaps there is simply not enough time in your day and the cost of taking on a dedicated employee to do the work is too prohibitive?  There’s a multitude of good reasons why a SME (Small / Medium Enterprise) might consider outsourcing to a social media consultant for their social marketing needs.  We’ll assume you’re here because you’ve already reached the obvious conclusion.

If you’re still unsure what social media can do for you, click here for the full skinny.

Social Marketing: The Buzzwords Difference

Buzzwords social media consultancy services differ from that of our competitors.  We work collaboratively with our clients to devise a robust, best-fit social media strategy, as well as a flexible calendar driven plan covering the particular social networks applicable to your business, profile and objectives.

Rather than offer rigid social media management packages, we work in partnership with our clients to create a tailored management solution to meet your particular needs and deliver exceptional value.  We find that working together from the outset to formulate a fully fledged social media strategy allows us to gain a greater perspective of the uniqueness and personality of each customer and their business, whilst facilitating a reciprocal understanding from our customers of the components comprising our service.

Buzzwords managed social network spaces are also fully accessible to our clients, who often wish to dip their toes in and out of the social media water themselves, which we encourage within the boundaries of the agreed strategy.

Typical components to our managed social marketing contracts include:

  • Development of a mutually agreeable social media strategy
  • Profile creation (where required, across agreed channels and niche networking spaces)
  • Content creation (social network posts) to an agreed schedule or regularity
  • Sharing of links to existing content (blogs, white papers, etc)
  • Curation and sharing of relevant or worthwhile third party content
  • Responding to direct messages
  • Responding to questions / interaction with topic posts and discussions
  • Spam monitoring
  • Reputation management / customer service

Give us a shout on +64 4 905 4060 to start the collaborative process of making social media work better for you and your business.

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