Why Do I Need SEO? What is SEO and why do I need it?

Freelance SEO Copywriting

The Importance of SEO

Search Engine Optimisation.  A Pandora’s Box of top-secret black magic, decipherable only by the chosen few and lucratively paid self-appointed ‘gurus’.  It’s what they want you to believe.  It’s why they can charge exorbitant rates for their specialist consultancy, and it boils down to the age old sales and marketing motivator: fear.

It’s not that website SEO isn’t important; far from it.  If your goals are to drive a higher volume of targeted traffic to your website, Search Engine Optimisation will be the single most crucial concept for your business to embrace.  But whilst the complicated and ever-changing algorithms used by Google and co to calculate search results can be manipulated in a multitude of wonderfully creative and intricate ways, it’s actually fairly simple, albeit time consuming, to comply with website SEO basics and ensure a healthy search-engine placing.

The key word is content.  Good content, more good content and even more good content!

What is SEO?  Don’t be Blinded by Science

Many self proclaimed New Zealand SEO ‘gurus’ peddle a host of clever, but expensive solutions designed to bring about quick, short-term results.  Over time, these ‘black-hat’ tactics, such as keyword-stuffing (spam-dexing), invisible text and content duplication (copy plagiarised from elsewhere on the web), will likely result in your website being penalised by the big search-engine players, who are adept at spotting what they quite rightly consider to be underhand strategies.  Taking the right approach from the outset is imperative.

Win the Website SEO Battle with Great Content

Conversely, ‘white-hat’ SEO describes the practice of focusing on providing useful, sought-after content for real consumers, as opposed to tricking search-engines.  Think of it this way: the primary purpose of Google is to serve the end-user, not to act as a marketing platform for businesses.

By taking the human approach and planning your content around what your target demographic actually values, you’re already winning the battle for higher SERP (Search Engine Results Page) placement.

As part of our discussion with clients, we encourage you to consider your target audience’s needs; the questions they might need answering; the information they will find most useful, and the keywords they might use to try to achieve these things.  Using the answers to these questions, we are able to construct targeted, original, engaging content.

Buzzwords has the skill and experience to organically integrate the appropriate volume of ethically sound keywords and meta tag data into our freelance SEO copywriting.  Truthfully, the single most important factor in attaining and preserving a high search-engine placement, is to fashion a first-rate website, brimming with interesting and relevant copy, and to subsidise it with regular new content, such as blog posts.

At Buzzwords, we are able to expertly construct the right words you need for your business website, rework or polish your existing copy to better achieve your goals, and provide regular or ad hoc blog writing services, to ensure those pesky search-engine spiders find regular, new and indexable content.

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